Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Epiphany

Today we came home from church and found ourselves at the kitchen table. After a pause in the conversation Bryce exclaimed, "Sweetie! I just had an epiphany!" After giving him an inquiring look (as my mouth was full and it is impolite to talk in this particular situation) he continued, "You are my Pensive!" (After the initial confused look I'm sure I looked amused.)
He felt the need to explain (probably because I was trying to decide if this was a compliment or not...) that he can extract his memories and thoughts into a safe place and that I make sure he remembers the important things when he needs to. :) He followed with "... and I mean that in the best possible way..."
I think reading these books has gotten into his thinking patterns a little... but he's kinda cute and I love him with all I've got. Thanks for keeping our conversations interesting!
P.S. I have permission for this particular post... including picture... Bryce picked it out!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Bump

Mostly there are bumps in the road... sometimes we call these things road blocks, snags, detours... right now, life seems to be going rather smoothly, except for one large bump...

and its starting be become a blockade for a multitude of things I used to do very easily... Like tying my own shoes, picking up stuff off the floor, curling up in a ball to read a good book... all these things I can still do, for the most part, but are getting steadily difficult as the little guy inside me continues to grow. There are some perks though, I now look like I am pregnant which reminds me and my dear husband why I am achy and slightly miserable sometimes... and though its unpleasant sometimes our little guy will be worth it. (Mom keeps telling me...) When he gets a burst of energy I can feel it and what an amazing feeling to have a little person dancing around in your stomach... The body is an amazing thing and these little ones are such an incredible miracle. (although he would be so much cuter if he didn't kick until the early morning...)
We are at 25 weeks and 3 days today. Said the doctor as we met with him again. The next time I'll see the doctor will be in my 3rd trimester! Can you believe that? I can't... until this little guy kicks me again... then I can't wait! :)
Just thought I'd share a short update... more to come soon!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Golden Family Tree

One day my father took me into the forest behind our house. We walked for what seemed like forever. During the walk I saw so many beautiful trees. There were flower trees, fruit trees, bronze, and silver trees... As we came to the center of the forest we stopped at a breathtaking golden tree. It sparkled in the sunlight and I couldn't believe something so beautiful existed. My father explained to me that this was our family tree. Each leaf on this tree represented a member of my family. It was now my job to take care of the tree and protect it from anyone who might want to hurt our tree. It was important that I not show anyone where our tree was, should anything happen to it, bad things could happen.

Who should show up the next day but the... lumberjack... that's right! The LUMBERJACK!!! For some reason he was determined to find and cut down my family tree. (Rude, I know.) He threatened me and I found myself in the forest trying to trick him into cutting down any other tree... but he figured out what tree was mine. I was frantic. He told me that he would give me three days to decide who to save... My father explained to me that if I picked a leaf to replant those people could be saved, but the ones to die on the tree would disappear and it would be as though they did not even exist. I could only choose 4 leaves. What a terrible responsibility for a 16 year old girl!

Who would you choose? Who in your family deserves to be saved? Lucky for me, I woke up and my family was all safe... but what if? The reality of my life is that I have  been instructed to take care of my family "tree". By finding and doing the work for my ancestors I can cultivate my golden tree and save those in my family from the terrible fate of the lumberjack.

We are happy to share our experiences with you as we learn about our family and how to find the information that can be useful for your own family trees. We hope you join us on our journey!

Jessica & Bryce

Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the Eve... Hallows Eve...

As it turns out, I have inherited my mother's crazy love-for-Halloween gene. It was dormant for some time but has reared its head full force the past couple of years as I have found myself on my own. What a fun time of year! You get a day to dress up and wander around and no one questions... (well you might get a "what are you?"). We are supposed to have some fun in life... why have a holiday if you don't celebrate it? Why not use the excuse? Right?

Big Bird and I did our pumpkin carving a few days ago. He got a little crazy with the knife... but they both turned out rather well!

Halloween is also the best party of the year to throw... why you might ask? Think of the endless possibilities as you ponder on possible details for a party... go ahead, it might surprise you! When else can you go pumpkin bowling? Fill jars with crazy food colored water and they fit right into the spider-web decor (which by the way is the easiest way to decorate a house for Halloween). Flickering candles give an eerie atmosphere... and the food... oh the fun you can have with food this time of year... Let your imagination run wild and feel free to run with it! It only makes it better!

The annual Halloween party was thrown on the Hallows Eve this year. (That way we could drag it out a little longer.) Big Bird has had a few laughs on my part as we have gotten ready for this year's "Monster Mash". But he had a blast and isn't too proud to admit it. :)

Our spread of food was disgustingly delicious this year. I tried to keep it simple, but with all the fun ideas out there... its difficult to choose just a few... and then there are the party favorites that we know everyone will eat (Queso Dip anyone?). Queso dip and chips became a scarcity as the night wore on, but surprisingly we had some blood worms make it through. We also had grubs (not as gross as it sounds), caramel apple dip, homemade root beer, monster toes (a Halloween party favorite), and cookie decorating. (to find recipes and directions check out What's Cooking)

The Grubs

Caramel Apple Dip

Monster Toes

The Blood Worms

And the cookie decorating station...

As I said, we had some fun pumpkin bowling... the costumes were fun... and the company pleasant. We had a pretty good turn out! Everyone from the M&M to the Wii-mote to Glinda the good witch and a Christmas tree...

Big Bird and I went as Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock from the game Clue. Here is the handsome Mr. Green with the wrench... (sorry, I was the one behind the camera... thus I have no pictures of me...)

The costumes were fun anc

Pumpkin bowling is a favorite game for us. It consists of taking a pumpkin (we choose little ones... and we had a fake one this year...) and rolling it toward 10 water bottles... Its always a hit and it is fun to watch certain costumes throw it...

This is the Wii-mote attempting to bowl the pumpkin...

All in all we survived and had a lot of fun! Tomorrow we get to have dinner with my mom in the kitchen. Anticipation for what we will find there is terrifyingly exciting!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pink or Blue?!

Forget seeing red... ever since finding out that we are expecting everything little that I walk by at the stores seems to call to the little one inside me. I have been on a crazy boy-girl roller coaster the last couple of months as I have been asked what we are having... Torn between the cute little frilly accessories that can adorn your little girl's hair to the little missionary ties that can match father and son. It is literally driving me baby crazy!!!

Well, the tallies have been counted and the Doctor consulted. We finally know that we are expecting a little BOY!!! The ties won out this time and now our vision is a mass of blue. Big Bird has had a difficult time keeping his giant smile under wraps when talking about it. What an incredible experience to have... There is a little person inside this large protruding belly! It has a spine, a beating heart, a brain, little eyes, a nose... a stomach...tiny little hands and feet. He's completely formed, just a mini version of his dad. A very good reason for me to be expanding and throwing up...

I can't describe how humbling it has been to know that I have been entrusted to carry and care for this little precious bundle of boy (I mean joy...). He is coming to us totally and completely dependent on us and we are supposed to guide and direct him through life to become a successful adult (who won't be so small).

A few days ago, I had someone tell me I should have a boy... and ever since I have not been able to shake an underlying excitement for having a boy. I couldn't be more excited! Thanks for all the support and love from you all! Its going to be quite the adventure. :) Time to work on the nest a little... :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

I know I am way overdue in the blogging world. The semester picked up shortly after my last post and has not given me a break. Technically, I'm too busy to be writing this right now... but the stress level is high enough I knew I needed a break. What better way to de-stress than to write? :)

Today's post is brought to you by...

my ninja hippo... because he's just about the most amazing creature ever! :)

Sorry the post is so short right now... but... its time to get back to the school projects! Love you all!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three simple words...

We are all getting ready for an exciting upcoming semester. I have my books, my stapler, and a new pair of tennis shoes in anticipation for the school year ahead. A full schedule and a TA job lay in wait for me this fall and I am super excited to get back to full-time learning. (I know, I am weird)

We are already two days into it and I am extremely excited for the classes that I am attending this semester. I am looking forward to my Basics of Clothing Construction is going to be very informative and fun. 2 hours of lecture a week, and 6 hours of lab work a week... sounds like a lot, but we are going to make some pajama pants, a skirt, and a shirt, and another project along those lines... I'm going to learn techniques and basic sewing skills using samples and practice on the state-of-the-art lab equipment they have here.

Next is Family Finance... a math course for sure, but the information will pertain to my family and maybe after this class is over I won't have to have my darling husband explain our finance situation to me... My professor is entertaining and very intelligent, so I think this class won't be too terrible to stick through... :)

Doctrine and Covenants is going to be a favorite this semester. My professor is the cutest little old man you'll ever meet. I have taken a class from him previously and am still incredibly impressed with the fact that he is blind and has been teaching for... basically forever. He is very passionate about the D&C so I am excited to get some new insights into this part of scripture that is less read (I admit).

The class I am most excited for, however, is my first Education class. It is called Exploration in teaching Family and Consumer Science. Basically it is the intro course that will expose us to the world of a teacher. We will be visiting and helping teacher in public schools around the area. We are going to spend 3 days in a junior high and 3 in a high school. We are going to also learn tips and tricks to know when you are running a classroom, at different ages. Its a small class, the teacher is really fun, and I am excited (and a little nervous) to see (or at least get a better idea of) what its like to actually teach in the real world.

There is another class... but I haven't had it yet. Its an evening class once a week. It too has a long name. Foundations of Developmentally Appropriate Practices... And we'll hope that it goes well too. I struggle with evening classes, because I am tired by 6:00 but it should be interesting and it is a pre-requisite to another class I'm taking next semester.

In other news... Most of my missionary friends are home now. We threw a "Back to Utah" party for them last weekend. It was so fun to see them again and play a little night Frisbee. I can't wait to plan another one! :)

My sister-in-law has moved down by us to come to school as a freshman. She seems excited and its fun for me to have a sister around we get to chat once in a while and I can feel helpful if she has a question about where to go, or how to work the secrets of campus life. :) I've given her my helpful hint... and probably some not so helpful ones... but its fun to have her here.

Well, its been a while and this post is long... so hopefully I'll get back onto the writing of the blog this semester. The summer just wasn't exciting enough to write about... minus the sewing with my mom. That was fun... cross your fingers and hope to write again soon!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Its August already?! What happened to July?

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that it is August?! July just flew by with a rush of activity and other things that I can hardly believe it is now August! So what happened in July that needs to be told?

Mom and I took a little vacation to St. George to see the Tuachan plays. They were fantastic! It was so much fun to spend a few days as the girls. We ate where we wanted, did a little shopping, and stuck around to get a few pictures with some of the characters. We really enjoyed both productions and if you get the chance I encourage you to attend. Tarzan was great! I loved the characters (Jane was fantastic, Terk is a favorite), the costuming was awesome, and the music as good as it could get. The acrobatics were awe-inspiring... what more can you say? I even got Mom to stand next to Kercheck for a picture after the show.

Cats was incredible. We still aren't totally sure what actually happened in the play... or what it was all about... but the music, the dancing, the costumes, the acting... it was all fantastic. Mom and I decided we liked Cats the best of the two. It did help that we were closer to the stage so we could see the little cat-like things that the actors were doing when they weren't singing. We enjoyed it enough that we had to make sure we got a few pictures to capture the amazingness of the costumes and characters. I posed with Rum Tum Tugger (who was pretty much the cat version of Mit Jagger). Mom found her favorite cat (still not sure of his name...) and the railroad cat...

aren't the costumes just breathtaking?!

It was a hot few days (108 degrees anyone?) but we had fun and got to have some mommy-daughter bonding.

We spent the weekend of the 24th with family. First a celebration in Logan for a couple birthdays with some delicious food. Then up north to Lava Hot Springs for my family reunion. We had a blast! It was so fun to see the family. We did some river rafting, ate some good food, and I was able to attend my cousin's farewell talk on Sunday (who did a fantastic job and got his whole family to cry).

We have been sewing up a storm here at my Mom's house the past couple weeks. I'm learning, and we are making a couple of aprons... :) Sorry no pictures as of yet, still working on them... We're trying to get them finished before school starts up again... which brings me back to... I can't believe its the beginning of August! I guess that is it for now. Tune in next time for some more excitement!... (hopefully soon!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lessons learned a year ago...

Time is such a fickle thing... it flies by without a thought of those it might be leaving behind, yet spans so effortlessly into forever that a day can seem like weeks... A year seems to be getting shorter as I live more of them... yet, so much can happen in this amount of time that it is difficult to keep up!

So what is so important today that I discuss how quickly a year goes by? Today marks an anniversary that I do not want to forget. A year ago today my roommate Annie was taken from us in a car accident. I just wanted to take today to honor her memory and the lessons that I learned from her example to me.

Lesson #1: Live the way you want to go out and do it now! It doesn't mean be perfect, just be making a visible effort to improve yourself, your situation, and those with whom you associate with.

Lesson #2: Smile! Simple, I know, but every time I saw Annie it was with a big, warm smile on her face. When she came into the room it always got brighter.

Lesson #3: What right have I to complain? Annie did what she had to do cheerfully and without complaint. She never took the easy way out for anything.

Lesson #4: Family is TOP priority. Every time I asked her, her plans were usually with her family. She stayed up late making cookies one night because she had promised her younger siblings a treat if they were good.

Lesson #5: Its ok to have a little fun in life. My favorite story of Annie was one shared about her macaroni and cheese. Her twin brothers related how she always made the best mac and cheese and when they asked her how, she explained that she had a secret ingredient. From then on when it was time to make the sauce she would shoo them out of the room. As they listened they heard cupboards opening and things shuffled around. Later (after a few experiments and ruined batches of mac and cheese) she told them that she just followed the instructions on the box. There wasn't really a secret ingredient... but she knew they would listen so she opened random cupboards to keep them guessing... A little spunky personality and some good fun never hurt anyone! :)

Lesson #6: Do the things you do with love. I believe there was a secret ingredient in that mac and cheese... Everything she did was done in love.

Lesson #7: Do what you love to do and do it now! Annie didn't put off what she loved to do. She made the time for the things she enjoyed. She didn't fill her time worrying about things she couldn't control, or with things that wouldn't improve or help her... so she had room for what meant the most to her.

Lesson #8: Keep a Journal! Almost every day, thought, and lesson Annie had was documented in a journal. She wrote every night and because she did, her family had a treasured library of their dear Annie. She wrote them for others to read, for her family and that is how they are used.

Lesson #9: Missionary work is important. She served and taught every spare moment she had. Every moment she didn't have too... she understood that service doesn't have to be grand to count and you don't have to get recognition to enjoy it.

Lesson #10: Life is short... really, our mortal life here is temporary... I want to live so there are people at my funeral... Don't take the little moments, the little chances for granted. Be grateful for everything and love every moment in life!

I have learned so much this past year... and so many things came from this experience for me. I am glad that I had the opportunity to have Annie in my life, even for a short time, and I am grateful for the knowledge that I have regarding this mortal existence, and the life to come.

I am excited to share my life with someone as wonderful as my husband, and I want to live and enjoy the journey! I hope I get to thank Annie one day for the lessons she taught me... But this will have to be good enough for now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Blog!?!

I know, what is the world going to do with yet another blog? Hopefully love the blog... but this blog isn't necessarily for the world. This is for me.

I have been married to my husband for over 9 months now (I know, a very long time isn't it.) I still feel as though we are newly weds experimenting on how this marriage thing works... But we are and forever will be sweethearts ( get it?... lovebirds?). So welcome to my domain! A place to learn about my family, our adventures, and our values. I hope to capture our experiences together and to look back over the years and remember every moment. :)

In light of the beginning of the legendary tale of me and my family... I thought I would start off with a favorite quote from a favorite movie...

"Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend." -Kung Fu Panda

Let the fun times begin!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrate Your Freedom!

I have spent some time considering freedom today... perhaps a little differently than I have in the past. I realize that I am so incredibly blessed to live the life I do. I do not worry about my life and I am able to worship how I see fit. The modern-day conveniences that surround us are abundant and, I admit, taken for granted.

There has been a lot of struggle and suffering for the life I live today, and it all began with the inspired words of Thomas Jefferson, 185 years ago. The famous, elegant words that began the began the American experiment that changed the course of world history.

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, ...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."

I have found a rare video of Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers as they were drawing up the document. And I have decided to share it with all of you!

Its a little silly and outright bizarre at the end, but it made me giggle a little. Honestly, the historian in me did curl up inside and cringe while watching this.. but for some reason I love this video. For more information about the group that did this you can go here.

In all seriousness, to the men we call our "Founding Fathers" I give my thanks, for the sacrifices and genius you invested into this magnificent country. To the men and women since 1776 who have served to make this country better, safe, and free, thank you! And to a loving God who saw fit to create this "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" and institute a government led for the people, by the people, I wish to also publicly express my thanks.

I stand for the flag of the United States, I believe that "in God we trust", and I believe that "united we stand, divided we fall." Celebrate Independence Day and never forget the marvelous blessing it is to live in the United States of America.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet Lio

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful fathers (and my hubby) in my life! Father's day was almost a week ago, but my story today starts a while back...

Lexy has been working on the parents to get a pet. Finally the youngest in the family broke Mom down... and they ended up with an adorable tailless kitten... Lilly. Apparently, the gender of this little cat was misinterpreted the first time... I was informed last Sunday that she is, in fact, a he. Thus his name is now Lio. I'm sure you might know where this story might be going, but bare with me...

Father's Day was a busy one for us. We went to church and came home to make Grandpa Grass some Root beer float cupcakes and then booked it up to American Fork to visit with the Grandparents and cross paths with Bryce's family on their way to St. George. To my surprise (and Dad's frustration) the cat showed up at the Grandparents' house. He was going on the family vacation to St. George where he wasn't allowed in the hotel. Naturally I volunteered to cat-sit for the duration of their little trip. And Dad gladly accepted. (So happy Father's day to you Dad-o!)

The past four days have been quite the experience. I thought I was completely capable but when your first day with a kitten is a battle of wits and wills in order to get the poor thing hydrated and un-constipated... I seriously wondered if my offer was a great idea... nothing I tried worked, all it got me was an even unhappier kitten and a few more scars to prove it... Exasperated, after a few hours of struggling and meowing I called Bryce at work. He still had an hour or so... but I needed someone to help me, and I wasn't going to call mom... she'd laugh at me... ;) As I was on the phone with Bryce, who was telling me how his day at work was going, the cat tried to swallow something he wasn't supposed to... thus the conversation ended with... "HEY! Stop that, you can't eat that!" MEOW!!!! "I gotta go, come home as quickly as you can..."

Haha, now that I am retelling the story its fairly funny... Needless to say, Bryce thought it was funny, and in a quick stop to my parent's house to grab the cat's medicine, he told my mom anyway... who laughed as well... *sigh* oh well, its a good story...

We were supposed to get him wet... have you ever tried to give a bath to a cat? yeah... not the best idea... But my version seemed to do the trick. I put a little luke-warm water into the bathtub(enough to cover the bottom of the tub) shut the bathroom door and plopped the poor plugged kitty into the water. It was literally only deep enough to get his paws wet... but... lets just say I scared the crap out of him...

Jessica: 1 Lio: 1/2 (for the night before... and the pretty red pattern on my arm)

after our major bathroom battle, the rest of the time was almost pleasant. :) there were a few close calls with the litter box, and I still had to give him medicine, but I quickly figured out what meow was friendly and what the "urgent" meow sounded like... I also learned to mix water into his food as he doesn't drink anything... This kept him hydrated and the problem we started with didn't reoccur.

He got used to my voice too. If I was in a different room from him, Lio would meow and I would answer with his name. He would then come in the room enough to see me and get me to see him and then he would resume whatever he was attacking.

It really was amazing to see the development of this little kitty today. When he first got here he curiously, and timidly explored the nooks and crannies of the house. He wanted to get onto our couch and so he jumped. When he didn't succeed the first time, he used his claws and became a little couch climber. Once he mastered the couch he had to master the Lazy Boy. The first time he climbed to the head of the chair, he got scared and wouldn't get down, just meowed for me to save him. I did the first time, but the second time I made him figure it out... and over the course of the next two days he became fearless. Before he came to visit he didn't really jump... but now he flings himself across the room when leaping off the furniture...

Haha. With no tail, his pounce is a little different.... just before he pounces his little behind wiggles back and forth before he jumps. Sometimes he'll knock himself off balance and he needs to reposition... It is pretty funny... I also found that Lio is an avid blogger! :) If the computer was open, Lio was right there, trying to check my spelling... or just want my keyboard for the next nap... weird... His other favorite nap spot? under my feet inside the blanket that can be made into a little nest.

All in all, its been a fun week, and I want to thank the family (and my hubby) for letting me playing with and watching the kitten. It was a great experience for me... I like to think I passed with success...

Monday, June 21, 2010

A little black Kitty

About 17 years ago the planets aligned in my favor. I was finally going to get my own kitten. While visiting my grandma down at the ranch I was told that if I could catch one, I could take my own kitten home. As a 4 year old I was determined to find the one... I spend the whole weekend hunting kittens in order to catch the little feisty black one...

The rest is pretty much history. I caught him the last morning that weekend and I got to take him home. I dubbed him "Midnight", then "Winkie" (after the black cat starring in the Escape to Witch Mountain, my favorite movie at the time). The only thing that he actually answered to was Kitty. So we gave up naming him and just called him "Kitty."

He was quite the controversy in the neighborhood, at least among the kids... I remember a particular incident of telling one of the annoying neighborhood boys (who told me letting him cross my path was bad luck) that in was only bad luck if you didn't own him... and he would avoid that cat for weeks afterward...

The cat was often found sleeping on the dryer on the clean clothes, in the middle of the floor in the sun, or (his favorite spot) mom's lap. Whether she was on her computer, working on church things, standing up every 3 minutes... he would try to take his nap on mom's lap (or computer as it were...)

Family prayer included the entire family at times... :)

We went through 11 or 12 lives with this cat. I will always remember the trip to the vet after his face got infected. Dad and I had to fill out the paperwork... we didn't know how old he was... or what his official name was... so "Kitty" became his official name a few years ago...

He's been a part of the family for almost as long as my brother... and sometimes we believe he's more endeared to mother than my brother too... ;) (just kidding! Love you Ben!) He'll always be known for that pink tongue that he couldn't seem to keep in his mouth... and his half effort to get the string if it was sitting on his nose... He liked to sit at the glass door and stare at himself, recently he just liked to sit on the flip flop mat...

Last Saturday our lovable Kitty did not come home... and we have yet to see him. Knowing how many extra lives God (and the Vet) have given him, it is time to say goodbye. Officially. So goodbye old friend. We'll miss your craziness around the house and that pink tongue of yours. Here's to all the good memories, the funny moments, and the drool spots... Rest in peace my old friend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Emergency

This morning was quite an adventure. I am so very glad I was able to have my dear friend Ica with me through such an experience. I spent this morning at the hospital. Why? you might ask... Well I shall tell you (and then you can get mad at me in the comments...)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were at a public event and something happened? What would you do in the mass chaos of an emergency? I found out today...

8:00 this morning found me discussing today's activities with Ica. Its her last week before she leaves me again for the summer and I am going to miss her. We had some fun stuff planned. :)

8:30 Ica is at my house, we are on our way to see an exciting game at the stadium. We needed to be there early for good seats! And boy what an exciting game it was too! the ball was moving so fast, you could hardly see it! *phew* it makes me tired just remembering it...

Not long into it (I don't recall exact time because I didn't have my phone with me...and I don't wear a watch...) a police officer came up to us and asked us if we had seen anything suspicious. They had received a report that there might be something dangerous at the stadium and that it was supposed to be around where we were...

Next came in the men in funny outfits... completely decked out in their head-to-toe gear, gas masks the whole shebang! I couldn't help but think of the CDA in Disney Pixar's Monster Inc.

They filed us out according to medical needs and put us through a detox trailer. Yes, I had to strip my clothes off, use a scrub brush and rinse off... they gave me a little towel to dry off with... it is a good thing I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes this morning! *phew*

We were put onto a bus where we were taken to the hospital to be treated for any symptoms we might have. Boy what a fun experience that was! :) I was given one of those scandalous robes, put into a wheelchair and wheeled into the emergency room. It was like an episode of ER... I asked for my mom and they told me they would find her for me, but needed some information and wanted me to tell them what was wrong. I told them that it hurt to take deep breaths... and that my eyes burned a little... but that I really needed my mother...

A nice young intern brought in a warm blanket for me, as I was still shivering and told me to hold the oxygen mask to my face to calm my breathing so they could get me ready for a better examine... Turns out I'm fine... but I did decide that if it was a real emergency and not a drill, I would have died in a wheelchair...

Ok, so it wasn't a real emergency... there wasn't even a game... I tried to make it sound a lot more exciting than it actually was. But it was interestingly fun to play a victim! Although I do kinda wish I could have had a scenario that was unconscious... they got to ride on gurneys
and in the ambulances... next time... for sure...

Ica was 28 weeks pregnant with contractions and nausea... no she is not pregnant for real... but I did decided we need to work on that pregnant walk if she is ever going to need assistance again... no one seemed to believe her...

Me, I was a 28 year old female who has red eyes, and complains that it hurts when she takes a deep breath. She is a little disoriented and no one seems to know who she is or where she's from. She keeps asking for her Mom. Pretty exciting eh? it did get me into the red medical group behind the 16 yr old who was experiencing intense abdominal pain, and the 2 pregnant ladies...

But my eyes were opened today about how important it is to be prepared. The volunteers for this drill were the nursing students (hence why I got involved, as Ica is going to be a nurse...) But I have a better idea of what goes on and what I need to do if an emergency should ever occur. In short (or maybe not so short) it was a great learning experience for me and I hope to participate again.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

*insert clever title here*

Sunday afternoons are a favorite time to sit and contemplate on how life is going. Life is wonderful. I have a fantastic husband who loves me and tells me so everyday. It is fun to have Meg. married and in the same situation as me. She came over to visit and we had fun chatting about how different married life is and how great it is to have a roommate that you chose... She was feeling a little lonely as her husband is out working and she is looking, something I understand completely...

Dad-o gave us their old grill that has been in the shed for a long while. Bryce has spent the past few days cleaning it up and scrubbing it down. We found a hole in the burner and so replaced it just before our "barbecue warming party" we threw. It worked just perfectly. Thanks to my skilled at the grill hubby of mine. He was quite dashing in his mickey mouse apron standing at his grill. I wish I had gotten a picture... *sigh* We'll just have to do it again...

The sun is starting to shine for real! Bryce and I were so excited yesterday that we went out to play in the yard. Bryce wad trying to fix the gate and I decided I would pull weeds out of those darn bushes... crazy me for thinking I could get very far... 2 1/2 hours, a couple giant slugs, and a few pounds of weeds and bush later- I finished my first bush! But it does look pretty good if I do say so myself. And yes... only one is done...

This is what the bush looked like before I attacked...
You might ask yourself... "bush? what bush? All I see is grass..." My point exactly...
Eww... look at all that junk! There was a lot...

the finished product of my labors. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Now the sprinkler can actually water something other than the branch attacking it, and we can get to the water faucet without pricking our hand on bush...

I have decided that I might not have the patience it takes to garden. I get so excited about what I've planted that I can't wait to see what they are going to look like full grown! Dirt isn't very exciting to look at... My Gerber daises are struggling right now, but on further inspection of the bulbs I also planted, they are beginning to sprout, so hopefully *cross fingers* they will begin to grow soon and I can enjoy the fruits of my labors.

I am loving life right now. God is good and life is great. Til next time!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ah the delima of the blog... when I have no time to write, I have all sorts of things I want to say... when I have time to write... I don't quite know what to write about... So I am forced to bore you with yet another "update" in the life of these two love birds down here...

Spring semester is well underway with the third week finishing up here. I've already turned in three assignments, taken a quiz, and look forward to another quiz and two tests as soon as I can get studied up for them. :) I am taking two classes right now. Nutrition and Human Development. Both are very interesting classes and I am learning a TON. I have actually really enjoyed the spring semester. Everything is less... busy.... than usual and the professors are a little more laid back (minus the requirements on that dang paper...) The campus is very much prettier in the spring than in the winter... or even fall. There are flowers in the beds, with lots of colors and beautiful bird songs in the trees... (mmmm... spring)

Don't you just love the crisp, clean feeling of walking outside after a good rain? As much as I love the sunshine... I absolutely love the fresh air of a good clean rain. It makes walking to and from campus that much more enjoyable. :) (plus, it makes for an interesting walk, debating whether or not I'll get rained on...)

Bryce got an internship at the company he's been looking at. It looks to be a great opportunity for him to get his foot in the door there. Its is a good company, he already likes some of the people he has met, and his old mission companion used to do the internship and is working there too! We laugh because Dad and Bryce will be passing each other to go to work... but it will be a good experience for Bryce and he's excited. He'll start that in the middle of June.

We are undergoing a major spring clean in my little house. I am determined to organize all that stuff we shoved into the other bedroom. I'm tired of not being able to find things... We found a great deal on some large storage bins, and I have had some fun putting things into them. :) I know, I'm weird, but what can I say? It helps keep me at low stress levels...

Summer is just around the corner and we are super excited (although I can't go to Disney this year... *sniff*)! We are going to my roomie's wedding in July and we're hoping to make a few other smaller vacations around. We'll see. :) Anyone got any fun plans for the summer?

Anyway. Sorry its a boring post today... I don't really have any fun pictures... oh yes I do!
I took this with my phone as I was walking home from school the other day. I just thought it presented a great inspiration... I don't know why. But enjoy! Til next time! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marriage, snow, and Idaho!

One of my dearest friends/ roommates was (finally) married and sealed to her new husband on May 1st. What an adventure for her (for the rest of forever) and for us, the roomies this weekend. She looked so beautiful with her hair all done, in her beautiful dress, smiling because she was finally going to be with the man she loves forever! He couldn't stop smiling all weekend... pretty cute. :)

I was able to attend the ceremony/ordinance and oh what a special treat that was for me! The sealer brought up some wonderful points regarding eternity and the couple's centrality to eternity for their family. Both previous generations and future posterity. It was quite the concept to ponder and I couldn't help revisit my own marriage and what we were told on our special day. I was also able to apply some new knowledge into my own marriage and was able to talk about it with my husband. A special moment for us. I am so grateful to know I get to spend eternity with such an amazingly wonderful man! :) (sorry mushy again... i shall refrain...)

The snow on the mountain was big, cold, and wet as they were getting ready to come out of the temple. As a result, the bride was a little unhappy. They will get to take pictures on a sunnier day, but it still makes a bride cringe a little when you plan for the sun to shine... Luckily, the Bountiful temple has a little atrium inside that they were able to take pictures with their friends and family there. As we were standing in the hall, chatting as we waited for the "friends" picture, we were right in the pathway of some of the temple personal. When we moved closer to the wall, Ica looked at a group of men coming toward us, recognized one and smiled. While passing, just inches from my shoulder, he said hello to Ica as he walked passed and she responded. By the time his back was to us we all realized that who should have walked past us but President Eyring! *gasp!* I was about to tell a story, if I had, I might have hit him as he walked passed! *blush* So yes, I thought it was cool enough to blog about... :)

P.S. that skirt was made with a little help by yours truly! There is much love in that skirt! :)

The luncheon was in Bountiful, the reception was in Burley, Idaho where his parents live. Yes, we drove out to the reception, and I was able to provide some support as our dear bride was getting ready as her brother was in the emergency room with a burn cornea... and her parents missing... and trying to take some pictures. It all turned out in the end, but as a bride it is easily the end of the world. I was very happy to be there with her and wish her and her husband the best of my very best wishes...

Bryce's brothers both live in Logan. So we stopped by for the night and went to church with Layne and Alison. We got to see Colby and Megan's new little home (which is such a great home!) and had some delicious stuffed french toast (thank you krustbuster!). It was fun to spend some time with them, and laugh a little with them. Thanks guys for letting us stay with you! We also got to spend some time with my family to share Sunday dinner, and plan some future meals. (Cinco de Mayo is gonna be awesome!)

What an awesome adventure this weekend was. I am so happy to have such a wonderful life, wonderful family, and wonderful friends! As enjoyable as this weekend has been, we are still glad to be home and back into our regular school/work life for a few days before the next crazy weekend. :) Life is great! :) Happy Spring everyone!