Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Pretty in Pink" Bridal Shower

I have this thing for throwing parties. I will jump at the chance and then stress over it until its over and done with. It is fun and a great creative outlet for me to dabble in! I admit, I have a dream to do this professionally someday... but for now I get to celebrate with my family and friends!

My brother-in-law is engaged to the most adorable future bride! We are so excited for them to start their life in love together! Naturally, where there is a bride there will be a bridal shower! It was fun for me to create this with my SILs,

"Pretty in Pink" Bridal Shower
(Rustic Elegance)
Colors: (rose)pink, brown, teal/blue, silver
Motifs: lace, sparkle, burlap

 The Invitation: The color combination just spoke to me and so I went for it! I love how it turned out. This was the springboard for our decorations as we used these colors to tie the party together.

The Food: 
A party at 11:00 means you should feed your guests lunch. That is exactly what we did! We didn't want the traditional "chicken salad on a croissant" for our shower. Not there is anything wrong with a good chicken salad on a croissant... I'm usually the first in line. But it was the weekend of Thanksgiving, it was cold outside, and we just wanted something a little different. So we went with (one of my all-time-favorites) Chicken Roll-ups instead.

My SIL made her (now famous) Strawberry and Spinach salad, I had a request for the Grape Salad, my other SIL brought us a pasta salad too! We also had fruit to keep everything extra colorful and fresh. We had a choice of flavored waters (Raspberry Mint, and Lemon) and a delicious array of cupcakes! 

The Details:
My SILs and I had fun creating the decoration for this one. We decorated the fresh Christmas tree with pink lace bows, pearl beads, and white organza ribbon. I wish I had better pictures of the tree but it turned out pretty cute. We used the tree to be the gift location (that is what trees are for right?).

We covered the window/doors with burlap and lace. Its difficult to see in the pictures here, but it was just the touch it needed to help us tie it all together from one end of the room to the food table... Our other little SIL made the large pink flowers with crepe paper and glue. How creative and they were the perfect size for the doors!

My pet project for the decor this time was the "Love" Banner we hung above the Bride-to-be's chair. I am very proud of how cute it turned out! (Despite the terrible picture of it... but at least you can see the cute Bride!)

We passed around a little notebook for all the guests to write a congratulations, and a little advice for the newlyweds. 

The Games:
Game #1: He Said/She Said 
Little details about the bride and groom (and their relationship) as they said it. I then made up a cute little worksheet. Everyone had to guess which one said each detail and circle the mustache, the lips or both. It was a great way to get to know the bride a little better. 
Game #2: The purse game.
My SIL found a  great list of items that can be found in a woman's purse. Then there were point values assigned to each item. Something fairly common (like lip gloss) was one point, but a diaper got 25 points. Its always a good one! 

Game #3: Guess the Spice
This one took a little time for me to make up, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. The jars are filled with various spices and everyone has to guess which one it is by look and smell. I then gave the spices to the bride to start her off. 

The Favors:
What is better than a little pampering? Not much. But I made these little personal peppermint sugar scrubs and they turned out to be perfect!  

It was a great shower! Best wishes to those adorable lovebirds! 

Monday, December 3, 2012


Life has caught me underfoot and has swept me off my feet. In an attempt to gain control of my life again, I am taking a break from the busy world of social media. I am going to unplug for a while and give myself some time to focus on my house, my child, my husband, and my health. Not to mention preparing for the wonderful festivities of Christmas!.

Its time to re-evaluate my priorities, get things in order, and de-clutter my life. I need respite from the overwhelming noise that all these seemingly important obligations (that are not actually Facebook updates) constantly bombard me and my life.

Look for me soon. And wish me luck.