Saturday, July 5, 2014

Party! Retro Inspired Kitchen Bridal Shower

A little family history to start of today's party post! There once was a family of all girls. 6 sisters to be exact. They all lived relatively close and that benefited their children who LOVED to get together with the cousins. Meet the "Three Amigos" as we were so lovingly referred to... All close in age and all interested in Barbies, and boys, and all chatterboxes. We spent most family gatherings hidden in a corner (or girls bathroom as necessary...) somewhere so our brothers wouldn't bother us.

Well, we grew up. (Funny how that works isn't it?!) The oldest amigo (that's me) got married. Well, 4 short years later, the remaining two amigos have found their own true love! As it happens they got married a week apart. In true amigo fashion we threw a double bridal shower for the two beautiful brides!

I had so much fun getting this party to come together. I had the special privilege of co-conspiring with a cousin of mine. (I totally admire her in all her amazing-ness!) The party was a success! We had a lot of fun and the brides came out with a good pile of new stuff to start their own kitchens with! A WIN!

Invitations were ordered and sent by another cousin (also very admired!) who found a source via etsy with the perfect design for our colors and retro-throwback feel. We included a recipe card for each bride with each invitation for guests to fill out with a favorite recipe. These we put into albums for them at the shower to start their own recipe collections.

Food was delicious. Because we had traveling guests, we planned on a full lunch. Soup and a salad bar, with rolls and fruit. Followed by strawberry shortcake trifle. Mmmmm....

While we ate, we played a couple of games. The Price is Right: On one table we had a collection of general kitchen staples purchased at the local WalMart. It was up to the guests to decide how much each item cost. The closest to the total price won an AMAZING kitchen themed prize. (Thank you Dollar Store!)

Guess the Spice. Its just what it sounds like. Everyone has to guess what spice is in the jar. Jars courtesy of Ikea. I am always impressed with how well people do with this game. Important to make the rule that noone can smell the spices. Its a look-only game. Otherwise its too easy, and you should probably have more than one prize ready.

Decor came from my ever-growing collection of random items. I have a soft spot for vintage mason jars and pitchers and such. The flower arrangements are made by yours truly. Yes I'm proud of the way they turned out.

My ultimate labor of love for this shindig was my personal gift to each of the brides. A few weeks in advance I contacted the extended family. I asked for any and all advice they were willing to share for the brides. I got some amazing and thoughtful responses. You know like, "Put the toilet seat down," and, "Learn to sleep without breathing to negate snoring." Good, helpful advice in all sorts of life categories (housekeeping to relationship). Then I compiled them and designed a binder where they can keep them for future reference. I made it into a binder so they can add pages they find/print, or magazine articles or whatever they find. I am very proud of how they turned out! 

Aaaand... in true hostess fashion, I forgot to take a picture with my camera of the brides... it was one of those, "we'll share pictures later" deals that should be cleared up soon!