Saturday, March 29, 2014

Much Ado About Nothing...

It is amazing to me that I run around all day long, seven days a week with my head filled with thoughts, ideas, and worries... Things I wish I could say, things that I should put on my grocery list, things I should do to make my home life more functional, project details, party plans, when the baby was fed last, and so on and so forth... and yet, every time I sit down to write another blog post... it all magically vanishes and I feel like I have nothing to say, whatsoever...

Just ask my aunt who lovingly gave me a ride tonight... I don't really ever stop talking... especially when a poor adult tends to walk into my line of vision... (it might have something to do with regular, adult companionship... but lets face it, I talk a LOT about kid stuff...)

So why is it that I tend to never have anything to say when I sit down to write? It seems to me that I am too concerned with what others might think... and what information people will find enjoyable to read... If I am quite honest with myself, I am afraid that I might bore someone to death... but then part of me says, "its their own fault if they keep reading and they don't like it..." right?

I have been bogged down with a lot of extra thoughts and feelings lately. Stress is the main factor in this new increase of... overwhelming nothing-ness... but things are calming down to the point I seem to be able to think through a full and coherent sentence again... (this also means that communication with my hubby is back in full swing... lucky him!)

And so this is a post about nothing! Wow, how low can you go!?! Its a test to see if I can free myself of the ever concerning worry about what everyone else will think of me. I enjoy writing and it is (and always has been) a great way for me to release stress build up over the days... and weeks, as it were. And so, at risk of the ever popular quote/cliche (its a bit over played, but I love it all the same!) I am learning to "Let It Go." Ha! I just went there! And there is nothing anyone can do about it, except maybe close the window and go on with their productive lives.

At risk of disappointing my one reader... I'll post an adorable photo (or two) of my littles to enjoy while I get up the gumption to post something of actual... significance. XOXO

PS. Happy St. Patrick's Day!