Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Art of Smuggling Watermelons

The whole process of smuggling the perfect watermelon is an art. One that will take time, practice, and a few tries in order to achieve. Each watermelon is different, with its own challenges and successes. While I am, by no means, a professional (more of a novice really...) I have learned a few tricks along the way... this knowledge could change life as we know it! (at least it has a great impact on mine...)
No one told me about the smells... it seems that watermelons heighten your nose sensitivity by about a thousand. This new sensitivity can trigger a quick visit to (my new friend) the toilet almost faster than brushing my teeth... I have also learned that there is a certain grace to puking and certain warning signs you should never ignore. These new skills have come in handy on certain car rides where I did not have a bag with me (I know, a rookie mistake.)
Always, always, always have a water bottle with you at all times... you just never know...
Now, the watermelon will become more pronounced as is grows into the 4th month or so. This is the time to embrace it... and do those things that you will not be able to come month 8... (like tie your own shoes... shave your legs... those sort of things...) Continue to enjoy pants with a waistband for a little longer... and shirts that are not the size of small tents...
Eventually your appetite will come back to you and you can start eating real food (not just cold cereal and Campbell's soup) again. Don't get too excited however, anything with any amount of flavor will be problematic as indigestion and heartburn will have you tasting your dinner 3 or 4 times... so if it is strong the first time... hope you enjoyed it!
With the new weight (and rearranging of your insides) I have come to know the importance of a close bathroom, soft seating, and a pillow (or in my case, my fluffy coat wads up quite nicely). My first week of the semester was spent figuring out what buildings are best for those hour breaks between classes... and what drinking fountains and vending machines offer the best results. I am fairly expert now... And no, not all bathrooms are created equal...

As bad as it sounds there are good things to this smuggling business. Some highlights for me:
The look on my husbands face when I said "Congratulations Daddy" for the first time.
Watching my mom's face transform from utter confusion to excited tears as she realized the album I gave her said "Grandkids" on it. Then watching her proudly show her mother that she was going to be a grandma too.
Peanut Butter has become a food staple... with everything...
Feeling the strange stomach spasms and then finally realizing that it was my baby I could feel... I love feeling him wiggle around... (despite the bruised ribs...)
Seeing the little person for the first time at my doctor's office... then again to measure his growth and figure out the gender.
Big Bird's attempt to hide a smile when the doctor told us we were looking at a little boy.
The excuse of the extra passenger gives me to eat what I crave... when I want... and I can eat as much as I want without having to feel guilty! I am supposed to gain weight... :)
I learned how to make myself a maternity shirt (and it is amazing if I do say so myself.).
I have been able to watch my husband. He takes such good care of me. He rubs my back when it aches, he lifts things that are too heavy or in awkward places for me to reach, he doesn't laugh at me when I make funny faces as my ribs are kicked... He is incredibly sweet and patient and I can see what an amazing father my children will have. I thank God every day for him and I do hope he knows how much I truly do love him. (I know mushy... but hey, I'm pregnant!)
There has been an incredible, overwhelmingly awesome spirit in our home among our little family. We look forward to becoming parents for the first time and the anticipation and questions that come with it are scarier than reason. We have felt such an incredible support from our families, our friends, and mostly from the Lord. We have learned a lot about the unknown and how much faith it requires. We practice our faith every day as we take it one day closer to "D-day."
Can you believe that we have just over a month left of this incredible journey? I have grown so much in the past 8 months... literally (Honestly, we have passed the uncomfortable stage and are now just trying to to burst or rupture everything.) and spiritually as I have undertaken the biggest step in my life thus far. I have learned to rely on the Lord in my insecurities, because lets face it, I'm not perfect (yes, I said it, you can sit back on your chair now). I have so much to be thankful for and pray that I can remember that as I finish the last leg of this journey...
Wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 and a List of Goals

As usual, January brings with is a little reminiscing and planning for the future. It also comes with a list of goals and renewed desire to take on the new year with full energy. 2010 was a pretty good year. Big Bird found a position at a new (and much better) company. He is much happier and has been there for 6 months now.

I started growing a living somebody inside my stomach... which has been quite the work... but we have seen him, heard his little heartbeat, and have marveled at the miracle this little man is. He keeps me updated on what he is doing on a very regular basis and it usually has something to do with my ribs... we are currently attending a prenatal class at the hospital that we are going to deliver at now that I am far enough along. We're on the home stretch and have finally reached the 32 week mark! :) Eek! He is on his way! (and no... he doesn't have a name quite yet... its on our list of things to decide...)

I did fairly well in my classes last semester and I am now a total pro at sewing (at least at a beginning level...). I am also very glad to be done with last semester... and am excited to get into this one. I am going to learn a lot!

Which brings me to 2011. It has started and is already rolling... but I can't miss the opportunity to report on a few of the goals that I have. That way I can be accountable, at least to myself, for at least some of them...

1. Try at least 3 new recipes every month.

2. Read a book for fun every month.

3. Update my blog on a regular basis. (I am aiming for at least weekly.)

4. Bring up our food storage to 3 month status.

5. Have a healthy baby and make it through the semester with decent grades.

2011 holds a lot of promise for us and we are excited for the adventures ahead. There is a lot of anticipation, and even a little anxiety... but mostly excitement for the upcoming unknown. :) I have faith that God is watching out for us and is guiding us in our situations and opportunities. Thanks to all who stick through reading these slightly boring posts. I hope to make it a little more interesting soon! :)