Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why climb the stairs?

Has anyone else noticed that the stairs are usually right next to the elevators? Ever since I made the decision to take the stairs and not rely on the elevators to get where I need to go this reality has been quite prominent... The elevators are mocking me. Don't believe me? Yesterday they opened as I walked by them on my way to the stairwell... without anyone waiting for them... three times! I'm beginning to wonder about this decision...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by the letter...

Vfor Valentine, Very busy, vegetable, vain, volume, virtue, vitamin, vest, vacation, vase, view, venture, vanilla, vowel, voice, verb, video... there's a long list and I'm sure you can think of a few more...

Its been a Very long time since the last life update. So much has happened that its hard to determine just how much to reveal. For the most part life has been centered around school. I've had 9 tests in the last three weeks. 4 major projects in those same weeks, as well as 50 5pg papers to grade, a surprise party (for my hubby) to plan, LOST to record, the SuperBowl, Valentines Day to celebrate, and Presidents Day full of activity. That was just the stuff that doesn't count normal homework, quizzes to take online, FHE, and the laundry and dishes that were piling up to the point of suffocation.

But I made it to live this week. I've caught up basically on the laundry and dishes(with the help of my wonderful husband) and I even managed to enjoy a few of the days the past few weeks.

Bryce's surprise party rocked! He had no idea what I was planning until after work that night. (and for him, that is hard to do) I had him pick me up after class and head over to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Then we stopped at Kohls to get him a jacket for his birthday and headed home for a (what he thought) romantic night that I had set up for him. I was amazed at how silent 20 people could be. When we got home it was like no one was there and the surprise was rather loud. (almost like the movies!) He wasn't prepared for the second surprise I had waiting for him in the bedroom (don't worry its not what you are thinking).

For quite some time now we've had a running joke about getting a puppy. Both of would really like one (me more than him right now) but we are not allowed to have pets at the house we live in right now. One night Bryce exclaimed that at the rate I was going with this, I would be getting him a dog for his birthday. Thus my devious plan was born. I continued to play it as a joke, but was also partly serious. I contacted his Aunt who had a little Yorkie that she let me borrow for a day. We brought her home to surprise him at his party. He didn't think I would follow through, but I can be devious when I want to be. :)

Valentine's Day this year was dragged over three days... so that was kinda nice. It is our first Valentine's day together (married). On Saturday we made an appearance at the stake dance that was put on by our BYU Married stake. There was a live band, delicious refreshments, and a photo booth with fun props to take our pictures with. We danced around until the place was so packed you could really only wiggle. We went home and Bryce chose to watch Enchanted (a real sacrifice for me). Sunday we spent with my family. Bryce and Dad made meatballs and marinara sauce from scratch. Ben made bread sticks. Mom and I were in charge of desert, so we made individual chocolate and raspberry trifles for everyone. It was all so delicious and it was fun to have Grandma and Linda there to celebrate with us too! If you are interested in pictures/ recipes for this delicious dinner, click here.

Monday was a rather fun day. I had to get up early to finish grading papers, but at 10:30 we went to see the Lightning Thief with my family. I really enjoyed the movie (although I still really like the book). We went home to get a little more done, we dressed up and headed for Park City. Our plan was to meet Bryce's brother and his wife up at the Stein Erickson lodge for dinner (we had both received a gift card to there for Christmas). It was easily one of the nicest restaurants that I've ever been to. I can now say that I have had quail, grilled pear, Mediterranean sea bass (with a butter caviar sauce... interesting), and chocolate nibs. :) Bryce had lamb, there was duck, veal, black forest cake... and it was all delicious! Thanks mom and dad LeBaron for a wonderful time!

Anyway, life is still on the fast track with school and work, but we are enjoying our time together and are loving married life. Its always an adventure when you have someone you love to be with. (I know, my posts are a little mushy lately, I'll try to fix that...)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Spring

I know you probably have a contract with the groundhog, or his shadow but I miss you terribly and don't know how much longer I can manage. Winter is mocking me with brief glimpses of you and its relentless cold bites at me when I venture from the cozy indoors. So I was just wondering if you could consider the humble request of coming a little earlier than planned.

Your warm touch colors my world. I give a soft sigh when your gentle breezes gently teases my hair. My love for you perpetuates year after year and will never die. So long as you continue to come back. You have been away for so long I am afraid I am starting to forget your face. Life is merely survival when winter persists, but you bring happiness in the air and hope in the budding of new life you bring! I miss you terribly. Wont you please come back to me?

Yours truly