Saturday, August 29, 2009

UP and away we go!

Life's pace starts picking up to, day as my last free day before school starts on Monday. I know I'm way behind everyone else already... but this semester is promising to be rather crazy. What with a wedding to plan (I have 6 weeks from today!), 13 credit hours, and a job hunt to hopefully end in a job... dinner groups, ward activities... and... oh yeah, homework...

As a last hurrah before school begins a bunch of us took advantage of the dollar theater last night and bought out two rows of Disney Pixar's newest adventure, UP. If you have not yet seen it, I am crying for you right now. Pixar has done it again and has made a new favorite for me! This movie has everything! Humor, a few tear jerking scenes, a 78 year old man, an 8 year old boy, A "more mature" man named Carl Fredrickson has spent his life dreaming of an adventure to Paradise Falls. One day he finally breaks free (literally) and finds himself in a hilarious adventure with a group of unlikely heros. My personal favorite is Doug. Doug is the oh-so-lovable talking golden retriever who accompanies Carl and Russle and Kevin on their journeys. Funny enough... he looks a lot like my little puppy, Max... and I imagine if Max had a collar like that, he would sound much like him too. The clip posted here introduces the whole crew rather nicely. (It is one of my favorite scenes...)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A large Check!

No, the title has nothing to do with my job... I wish... but it has everything to do with wedding plans! :) For months I have struggled to get my "To Do" list finished so I can stop stressing. However each time I check something off, two or three things are added! It just keeps getting longer.

There are certain items that I consider "major items." These items include: finding a photographer, choosing a decorator, ordering flowers, finding bridesmaid outfits, engagement photos taken, announcements, Bridals, and catering for the reception... to just name a few. (Smaller ones are more along the lines of: fittings for tuxes, colors, and accessories... things like that)

Crystal Sands has joined our wedding ranks as our fabulous photographer. She is so friendly and sweet. She sincerely wants the best for her clients and enjoys taking pictures. Bryce and I feel that her personality meshes perfectly with ours so being with her is not awkward. Its actually a lot of fun! :) It is because of her that I am able to shorten my list significantly...
  • Find a photographer: Check!
  • Schedule photo sessions: Check!
  • Engagement shoot: A VERY LARGE CHECK! :)
  • Announcements made: almost check. :)
Last night Bryce and I met up with Crystal to take our engagement pictures (I know, its a little late in the game, but boy are they worth it!) and I couldn't be happier! We ran around the Riverwoods in Provo for a good hour or so, and just as our light was diminishing, skipped over to the Lavell Edwards Stadium for a couple of BYU football pictures. (For Bryce) :) I absolutely love them! Crystal actually posted a little sneak peek on her blog here. We had so much fun and I can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The many adventures...

This season has been a very successful one for the park. Sadly, all things must come to an end... and the season is winding down. But not without a few more posts about it from yours truly! ;) I have noticed that my entire life comes from my pioneer alter-ego... but I promise, I'll post on real life when I come back to reality... :)

This week I have been asked to be a "counselor" for a day camp. The ages of the kids run 6-11 years old. They come for four days (Mon-Thurs) from 9:00-12:00. We give them little burlap sacks with a little water bottle, a bandanna, and room to hold crafts and treats. They also get a cool neon green shirt with the logo on it... so we can tell our day campers apart from general public... There are three counselors this week. The one in charge is Larissa. She has been doing them all summer and is teaching me the ropes so I can run one next week... Amy is 15 and is volunteering up here for the summer because her aunt is up in management... and me... you already know too much about me... ;) We have 22 kids this week and they are easily the best behaved group I have ever been around. They are great. I have had a couple attach themselves to me... they won't go to the other counselors with things they need and they think I will answer all of their questions... of course it could be that I'm a pushover...

The last two days have been great! I love going around with the kids, having them learn some things about pioneer life. We make some fun crafts, do some fun activities, and see some of the sites around the park. Yesterday we had them push hand carts and we had an old fashioned picture taken of us. Today we visited the Marshal (who let one of the boys put him in a straight jacket so he could prove he could get out...), the cabinetry, the apothecary, the bank, had a lesson at the school and played some pioneer games for recess. We even made the button wizzer and "graces" with the kids as their craft today. It was a blast!

After we send the kids home with their parents, I am basically left to my own devises. I have spent the past two days trying to help where I am most needed. Monday I spent at Gardiner with poor McKenzie who was there all by her self... but today I decided I would check out the help situation at the pony rides and animals. They are always fairly busy and sometimes there are not enough people there... Plus, I've only ever worked there once... for an hour, last summer... It was fun to have the new experience. The ponies were well behaved today and Oreo (one of the baby pygmy goats) kept slipping out of the petting coral to wander the park...

Now if you can remember your favorite western movie. The stagecoach speeding along the trail afraid to stop for fear of attack? Take a moment to get a good picture of this scene in your movie... I was in the petting coral chatting with some guests about goats when I heard a metal clanking. I looked up just in time to see this very picture come to life... only it wasn't a stage coach... it was one of our covered wagons (without the cover). My heart skipped more than one beat as I watched them speed (draft horses can get up to about 40 mph.) down the street with our expert at the reins doing everything she could to slow them down to no avail... the 20 or so screaming children in the wagon didn't help the situation at all either... Luckily, no one was injured... our expert driver was a little shaken, and the pregnant mom fell off the back at the top... where they started (she is fine and so is the baby), but the kids all say it was the best ride they have ever had! Haha! So its all miraculously well. It is the first and only time I have seen them bolt this year. It was a combination of a child scream and a bee sting to the horse... my what an adventure...

Ever since I had my encounter with horses down at the ranch in Kanab (about 6 years old) I have not been on a horse, or any other equine-like animal. Today was a first for me, I got to ride a pony! :) Bareback too! It was rather exciting for me and Dale (the pony I rode) seemed to be in a good mood so he cooperated.

Until next time... Giddy up!