Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Bliss

Here it is... the wedding post... or at least one of them... I know you've been waiting for it, so I am posting it now without pictures. As soon as I get them, I shall share... I promise... :) Honestly, I do not even know where to begin! There is so much to be thankful for, so many people to thank, so much to say about what I have been up to... there is not much time to say it... at least before people get bored and give up on reading this...

I was so pleased with the way the wedding turned out. Thanks to all who contributed their time, talents, and love to our special day! We appreciate it more than we know how to express it! :)

The temple was wonderful. Everyone was so helpful and kind... the spirit exploded in my heart when we walked into the celestial room and again when we walked into our sealing room. It was amazing to see my family there supporting me (my aunts all dabbing their eyes... ) ;) and my dear friends. His family was there, and Bryce's grandpa was able to seal us together for time and all eternity... what an amazing phrase.

Just before we came out of the temple Mom decided to go out first. It was pretty funny to hear our family cheer as mom went out. She got all embarrassed but we thought it was funny... :) It was indescribable to walk out of those doors with my new husband holding my hand and to hear the cheers that came up (a second time) for nothing but support and love from those who cared enough to be up there, waiting. It means so much to me to have had such a welcome... :) I really have tried to explain how I felt... but I struggle with the vocabulary to fully explain it...

With pictures on the stairs finished, we left our loved ones to follow our photographer around the grounds. We got some great shots and met up with everyone for lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building... It was beautiful and the food was so good! I will admit, there is a little pride on my part to have my centerpieces there for others to enjoy and for them to look so good on those tables! :) They were hard work, but it was well worth it!

I was crazy enough to decided to sing a song as a parent tribute during our little program. Of course, I was last. Ica, Colby, Layne, and our Dads all gave short thoughts. Each was felt from the heart and touched us as a couple. (between glass tapping) I would go into greater detail, and i still might... but this is going to be long enough as it is... :) Thanks to those who gave such beautiful thoughts. Lindsay sang beautifully for our first dance to "I Melt" there and then, after our fathers got the water works crying, it was my turn to sing "Best Day" from Taylor Swift. Yes, I only got about 4 words into the song before I lost it... and Lindsay basically sang the entire song without my voice until the last 4 words... it was rather amusing that you could pick out the Barker table by the tears and eye-dabbing. Even Mark got "allergies" during my song. ;)

We made it to the reception with 15 minutes to spare. Bryce was determined to go through with his plan for hiding his car... and promised me that he would be back in a few minutes... *sigh* I told him not to try... but for those who were at the beginning of the reception know what excitement happened in the first 15 minutes of the reception. The line was forming and it was time to start, where was the line? I was there, and Mom had to finish a few things in the kitchen, but joined me shortly. The line started coming as they were really there to see my mom and I. ... Our neighbor and my dad's partner, Don McCandless (really, my second father) took pity on me and after going through the "line" himself he stood in as a proxy for my missing groom... Haha, Mom told me that a couple of her friends thought that I had married someone that seemed a little too old for me... :) Eventually my dad came and so did Bryce (much to my relief). By about 8:00 we had all 6 of us there... (our reception was supposed to start at 7:30) It was terribly funny and definitely makes for a great story! :)

The reception was wonderful! I honestly didn't get tired of sharing my happiness with those who had come to wish us well. I know mom almost finished her Dr. Pepper that her friends brought her... and Bryce told me the perma-smile was starting to hurt. Honestly, I had heard such stories and I worried about the line a little. But what I found was that I was so happy, I couldn't help smile and I didn't have any problem sharing it with anyone who was willing to share it with us! so thank you for all of you who came to see us.

I know I've said thank you a lot... but I just can't say it enough. I wish I could do better to explain the overwhelming joy and warmth that I felt (and still feel) what I experienced on that not-so-long-ago day. It is incredible that I have such a support system within my family, my extended family, and now an even farther extended family in the LeBaron and Grass families. I am so blessed to have such love surrounding me. I wanted to also extend a thank you to my dear friends that took time out of their busy weekends to spend some of it with me. I love you all and thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.

My Wedding day was perfect. More perfect than I could have dreamed up (which is saying something). I have never been so happy in my life. I have found the most incredible man to spend eternity with and I wouldn't want any shorter time than that. I am so excited for our life ahead and the experiences I will get to share with the love of my life! :) I love you Bryce! You make me so happy! Thank you for all the selfless support you have given me, and for making me laugh! :) You are my Superman! and I am so glad I get to be your Sunshine. :) XOXO

Thanks for reading everyone. It means a lot! more to come, Promise!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Alternate Reality

Apologies for such long gaps between posts... It has been increasingly busy and I predict a relatively long post today... So i guess that deserves another apology... :)

Life is wonderful right now! I am so happy and things are going so well that I have no reason to complain! :) I know the Lord is looking out for my sanity and I greatly appreciate it. :) I am so very blessed!

Being a bride is an interesting experience. I feel as though I am living in an alternate reality. Even this close to the wedding I feel as though the plans I have been making are not actually real... Everything for the last details of the wedding are underway... and I am getting very excited. I just don't feel as though it has hit me that it is actually going to change my life forever... :)

On the other hand, my life in school and with my dear friends is also an alternate reality. School work, tests, and classes have just come an gone (not that its going over my head, I'm loving school), its just going... I don't feel like I am actually physically participating... Not quite an out of body experience... but close to it...

I was certain that reality would start sinking in at the last week... I was sure it would start with the bridals. Let me tell you, I have the best photographer in the world! I had so much fun with Crystal and Ica running around This is the Place taking a bunch of pictures. I am pleased with the results and cannot wait to show them off to all ya'll.

I am crazy and have decided to make my own center pieces of the Luncheon up in Salt Lake. Honestly, I have no idea how I am going to get them up there... but *cross fingers* it will work out. ;)

My time is constantly taken over with Wedding preparation. I feel sorry for poor Ica and Bryce, and my parents who try to have a conversation with me and only end up talking about details for the wedding. Seriously, we can start talking about something totally opposite in relation... and just minutes after I open my mouth I can turn it back to the wedding. So sorry for my obsession...

I am excited about everything and cannot wait to show everyone what I have been so busy undertaking! I am so excited to be a bride, to be marrying the most wonderful man in the world, and to start a new life together with him. I truly am blessed to know Bryce and I love him so much! Well time is short... so I guess my post isn't as long as I was originally thinking... :) Good news for you!

Hopefully I'll be a little better after the wedding... :) We'll see!!! I sign off for the last time as Jessica Scribner!!! Love you all!!! Hope to see you on Saturday!!! :)