Friday, March 8, 2013

In Other News...

Our top story today is one of apprehension and excitement! We bought ourselves our first house! The market is fast these days and so while we have only known about the house for about a week and a half, we are likely going to close in another week! What does this mean for me? It means I am up to my ears in boxes again as I unpack our belongings into our new place. We are excited to start this next chapter of our lives together! I have a strong feeling there will be some DIY home projects in the near and distant future...

Our family is also growing in more ways. Little B was wearing this a few weeks ago to see what his grandmas would have to say. (it is very difficult to get a good picture of it while he is still wearing it...)
{Elusive Picture of T-shirt goes here when I can find it again!}

So, yes, we are expecting a sibling for Little B to arrive mid-September. This is making the moving process more difficult for me as I can't lift anything too heavy, and I am in the middle of the morning-sickness-phase (which is lasting more of the entire day...). We were going to wait to officially announce it, but by now most of the world knows anyway... and hey, this is my blog, I can write what I want.

Then there is Sunny. She is our new puppy!!! It was a tough decision to make initially, but after a week of weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that she belongs in our family. Bryce has never had a dog before, so it will be an adventure for us. (I think he is as excited as I am about her!)

And in other news... my SIL is headed off to serve in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mission. She'll be gone for 18 months. I am going to miss her a whole lot! But I am so very excited for her all the same! I have my envelopes and stamps waiting to send her letters... and

My brother, too, is on the missionary track. He is currently waiting to receive his mission call. I am so proud of him and the decision he has made to serve for 2 years. I know he will be a better man for it, and I know it will bless him and his family (current and future). Update: Elder Scribner is called to serve in the Jacksonville, Florida mission; English Speaking. He reports to the MTC April 17th!!! So proud of him!!!!

Future Missionaries
My Little B is 2 years old! I can hardly believe it! Time sure flies and I wish it would stop. He makes me laugh every day with the new things he is learning and the words he is trying to use. We have told him there is a baby in Mommy's tummy. So when I tell him to be gentle to my tummy he cries, "Bebe!" and lifts my shirt so he can see. Sometimes he waves to it, sometimes he will kiss it or lay his head on it, and then when he is done he says "bye" and pull my shirt back down. It makes me smile. He is liking the "pup" too. They chase each other in the yard and he thinks it is the best game ever.

We do a lot of "McQueen" around here. We watch Cars and Cars 2. He got quite a few Hot Wheels for Christmas and we play with those everyday. Those too are "McQueen" (translation=car) His newest word is "' 'Mon" (translation=come on) with a wave of his hand. He will call for "Daad" and then yell "MON!" or pull my hand or leg and tell me to "mon".

I never thought I could love another person as much as I adore this little guy! He brings me such joy and makes every day an adventure! It is hard to imagine being able to love another one as much as I already love him. Its amazing to me that love can grow without bounds if you let it. Yet the adventure continues, and what can be more fun and exciting than that?!

So, in summary... not much going on around here! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 years old!

My dad calls this "The Harley Davidson of Tricycles" Happy Birthday to Brayden from Grandma & Grandpa S.