About Me

Life is all about the little things. Little fingers and toes, little successes in the day, little miracles that make one realize a grander purpose to it all... I am a mother, a wife, and a brand new home owner! Life can easily seem... less-than-exciting. But it takes little moments to make a grand adventure! So why not for me?! And so my adventure is recorded here in my little sphere of cyberspace. Who am I? Well, lets have a little introduction shall we?

Jessica is the name. You can call me Jess. (you can call me anything you want really, as I cannot actually hear you...) I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. I call him Superman because he is my hero in more ways than one. I'll let you get to know him better through my posts. Just know that he is the BEST! I love being a mom, though I am currently experiencing why everyone calls this stage in life "terrible twos." My Little B is still one adorable little bundle of energy and the camera loves him (and he loves the camera).

I am a dabbler... I am curious about most things and I love to learn something new every day. You know... a little bit of everything... with a new house and a lot of dreams I can assure you there are many DIY projects in my future.

I hope your day is a little bit brighter! I hope you will visit again soon!

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