Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Resolution #3

#3: Be There and Get Messy!

I am the first to admit, I am addicted to the technology that is so readily available to me. I am a lover of my Pinterest account and I waste spend too much time browsing that site for more inspiration for a dream life that is impossible for me to obtain. I am a victim of what is being termed "Pinterest-stess" as I feel enormous pressure to live a perfect life, raise perfect children, and have all the latest and greatest gadgets in my house all while living on a budget, clipping coupons, and making my own soap. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my pins and I have found them incredibly helpful and inspiring.

I have come to the realization (and its embarrassing to publicly admit that this had to be a realization to me) that while technology is fun... there is something much more important to me. Actually, there are two somethings that are more important to me than anything in the world. So why do they get pushed aside so I can win the next level in a stupid game?

Enter my new year's resolution #3 part 1. I just want to be there! I want to "play cars" when Brayden pulls on my leg. I want to build forts and be there for every smile Madi bestows on me. So what have I done so far?

I put my cell phone on the counter. I got on the floor to drive cars around the carpet and I played peek-a-boo with Madi for a half hour... Why? This is the fastest return on a resolution I have ever had. Already I have witnessed an increase in Brayden's pretend play (which makes my mommy-heart flutter with pride), I was with Madi as she rolled over by herself for the very first time, and I never get tired of her giggles!

Time for part 2. Get Messy.

I have never considered myself to be an immaculately clean individual. I have never been able to conquer the clutter that surrounds me... My house has never looked like those beautiful homes I see in magazines, and on blogs...(can you say "Pinterest-stress" with me?)

But the challenge of having a two-year old and keeping a clean home is an ongoing battle that is incredibly exhausting! I feel like I spend all day saying "No, don't touch that" "No... don't bang that around"... you get the idea. I am tired of it and so is Brayden. So I chose to add "get messy" onto my list of resolutions. What does that mean for me?

Today I watch Brayden "wash" his hands in finger paint (meaning it was up to his elbows...). Then I sat down next to him and stuck my whole hand into it too and showed him how to make hand prints. It was a very special moment I got to have with my little boy who is growing up all too quickly.

There are plenty of other resolutions and goals I have on my list. But for now, these are the ones I am working on. What are your recent resolutions?

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Resolution #2

If you are wondering where my #1 went... its over here... :)

#2 is Organize the house. Yes, we bought a house almost an entire year ago... but I was experiencing the sickness that comes the first half of my pregnancies, so I let my dear husband unpack the kitchen (he was doing the cooking for himself anyway...). As the year progressed, so did my pregnancy. One excuse after another got me to early September when we welcomed Madi into our lives... The past few months have been survival of the newborn stage.

So now, almost a year later, I am ready to officially move into my house! There are boxes that need to be tackled, and the puzzle of how to fit our previous possessions into a new place is perplexing. Step by step, room by room, puzzle by puzzle I intend to tackle the organizing dilemma one little bit at a time to make my house into a home! (Cross my fingers I can/will actually post my progress!)