Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother

With every day that I spend being a mother, the more I feel immense gratitude for my own mother. Motherhood is hard. Its exhausting, stressful, and a truly 24/7 job. Don't get me wrong, being a mom is wonderful and rewarding, but its not a very glamorous job.

My mother has taught me so much throughout the years. I have been able to watch her endlessly serving others around her. She works so hard to take care of those she cares about. And she cares so much it hurts when things don't go so well for us. 

My beautiful mother and her adorable baby girl!
I admire how strong my mother is. She is a rock when she needs to be and she always does what needs to be done, even if it is terribly inconvenient for her. I watched as she tenderly took care of her mother last summer... every day at the home to sit and attend to her needs. I wanted so badly to help her...somehow... she kept busy taking care of everyone else around her. What an angel. 

All those nights, sitting up with me as I cried over a stupid boy, or held my hair as I got sick, or helped me wash my hair after my arm surgery. You know, I don't think I ever thanked her for those tender moments, even though they meant so much to me. She deserves so much more credit than she receives. I still wish my mom was here with me. As good as my husband is to me, there's nothing like a mothers touch to make everything a little bit better. 

My mother has a sense of humor. We like to tease her sometimes and she isn't afraid to laugh along. Some of my favorite memories include Mom laughing so hard she can't stop. She is good at lightening the mood when it gets a little too heavy. I have always known that she would do anything to make sure that I am happy. It comforting to know someone has your back, even if she's laughing with you while you figure it out.

2010- I made Mom get in the picture with the tom-cats
My mom is a teacher. In her profession and through her example. From her I learned to read, she helped me to love learning. I have been introduced to a variety of literature through her recommendation of books over the years. We listened to books on tape on our road trips, she kept a close eye on my grades throughout school, she encouraged me to pursue my own dreams of teaching. She taught me manners, accountability, and (most importantly) the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She sang to me, supplied me with creative materials to craft with, and took me shopping just the two of us.

One year, my Mom let me help her set up her Nativity scenes. We spent hours arranging and rearranging the little figurines so as best to display a few around the room. I admit, I may have gotten a little carried away... She wouldn't let me count them that year... but I had so much fun with her, setting up Mary and Joseph talking about everything under the sun. 

I loved the weekends that my dad and brother had their "Fathers & Sons Camp-outs" because I got to be with Mom. And I always look forward to our girl's evening when the boys go off to the Priesthood Session of General Conference. The time I get to spend with her is precious. Our girl's weekends to St. George have been so much fun! I am disappointed that we may not get to go this year... 

2010- Tarzan &  Cats @ Tuacahn

2012- Aladdin & Hairspray @ Tuacahn

 When I had Brayden in the middle of a school semester, Mom was there to help watch and take care of him when I needed to attend class. She doesn't mind being a baby-sitter at short notice when things come up out of the blue. And I will say, Brayden adores his grandma. He gets so excited when he sees that we are pulling up to my parent's house. He gasps and exclaims, "Ma-ma!!" The day is always brighter when we get to be with grandma.

Mom & Brayden on his blessing day 

Brayden loves Grandma (and her technology)

Every year Mother's day comes and goes. The past few years have changed a lot for me, and finding something that expresses how much I love and adore my mother is more difficult to find... So this is my feeble attempt at that something...Words cannot describe what she means to me, but I want her to know that I love her with all my heart and I am so grateful that she is my mother. I wouldn't want anyone else. She is perfect for me. 

Mom has her Dr. Pepper even at the wedding reception :)