Tuesday, January 31, 2012

60-day slim down: Day 1

Don't worry, I won't be posting every day... but if I have an outlet I am more likely to stick with it. *smile* I have some way to go to reach my goal weight. And I hope to be close by the summertime...

Enter Phase 1: The main rules
drink 1 cup of water before a meal and 1 cup during the meal.
mid-morning snack 3 times per week.- it can be 100 calories. Something like fruit, 6 oz. yogurt, etc.
follow the work out calendar...

It is important to remember that some discomfort in the hunger department is good for me. I am cutting my calories, so I will feel hungry. I just can't be afraid of it.

I had to measure myself and weigh myself today... it was a little more painful than I anticipated. The workout today consisted of a 10 minute intensive kickboxing, body resistant intervals, and core training... it was pretty crazy and chasing Brayden around is a lot  more work than it used to be... but its a good tired sore and I am excited that I am already feeling like I'm improving.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

60-day slim down!

This is it! I am tired of feeling like I want my old body back... and the fact that I am still wearing maternity wear because nothing else seems to fit. I have done some deep soul searching and a little re-searching and I think I have found the answer to my... issues...

My sister-in-law is expecting soon and she has a set of DVDs that is fitness for pregnancy from Moms into fitness with Lindsay Brin. There is one for each trimester and a "postnatal boot camp." She says she really like them and she knows they're safe exercises for her. I did a little looking and I too like this particular girl. (plus the cost for her DVDs are a lot better than other programs I was looking at). Bryce agreed that it looked like a good program. As I am not pregnant I didn't need anything like that. So I opted for her 60-day slim down program complete with schedule, and eating healthier guide. I am publishing here because I am going to be accountable to the few of you who actually read this... Day 1 is tomorrow... so I shall get some good sleep tonight! Wish me luck! *nervous smile*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Little Friend

A friend of mine called me up on Monday for a couple of reasons. One of which was to ask if there was any possibility that I would be able to watch her little boy (18 months old) for a couple hours on Tuesdays. As I don't have much of a life... or schedule for that matter, I obliged and plans were arranged.

Tuesday afternoon she came to drop him off. He immediately began exploring and I now have a pretty good idea of what I will need to "baby-proof" for Brayden in a few months. Brayden was finishing up his nap when he arrived, so when he woke up, me and my new little responsibility went into the room. When Brayden saw that he had a friend he was so excited. He wanted to play with Conner so badly. Conner on the other hand, was not too keen on the idea of this little annoyance following him around and playing with the same toys... It was pretty funny to watch as Conner tried to avoid Brayden and Brayden crawled after him. They would stop to play with a toy for a minute and then the chase would begin again. I went into the kitchen to put something away only to be nearly run over with a desperate Conner. He hid himself behind my legs and peeked through my knees as Brayden came around the corner. By this time, Brayden was finally getting the hint... He looked up at me with tear-filled eyes and an expression that seemed to say "why doesn't he want to play with me?" It was pretty heart breaking, but the situation itself was too funny. Conner was holding so tightly to my legs, I couldn't really move...

Within the 2 hours that Conner visited us this week that particular scene played its self about 4 times. My friend stopped by to visit and she thought it was hilarious. Finally Brayden discovered his books in the living room and Conner found the rubber spatulas I keep in a drawer in the kitchen.

Toward the end of his brief visit, Conner got hungry. His mom left him some snacks and a pudding cup. As the interest was in the pudding cup, I decided we'd go for it. I put him in Brayden's chair and let him go at it. He was pretty good at feeding himself and he had fun playing in it. Plus, Brayden couldn't get him... Brayden wanted to see what was going on so I picked him up and sat him on my lap. Conner started playing with the spoon and soon enough Brayden was giggling (not even his fake, pity laugh... his true little pure glee giggle). Conner would blow on his spoon and Brayden would giggle, then Conner would giggle and do it again. A truly precious little moment I got to witness.

Can't wait to see what happens next week...

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Holidays

Wow it has been a loooong time. I made a resolution in November to be better at blogging... right after the holidays... and then low-and-behold my laptop hard drive has finally given up the ghost... and the other computer's cord broke... You never really appreciate what you have and enjoy until it all of the sudden doesn't work... I am posting now. Patience as I strive to be better at writing.

Life got really busy around Thanksgiving and Christmas season (as I am sure it does for most people... or am I just crazy?) We celebrated Thanksgiving with the LeBaron clan. It was fun to see everyone and have a chance to catch up with all that is going on in their lives. With 7 kids, 5 out of home, it gets a little crazy. I tried out my new cinnamon poached pears recipe on them and we ate ourselves full of delicious salads, potatoes, turkey... mmm... what more could you ask for?

December was just about as busy as it possibly could be. We decorated our tree at the end of November with shatter proof ornaments and plastic candy canes... They turned out to be one of the favorite toys of the season as they rolled well for chasing and made funny noises when they "bounce".

The "White Collar" tree at Festival of Trees

We did a fun thing this year. Instead of the traditional "white elephant gifts" for the LeBaron party there was going to be a treat gift exchange. We were all supposed to bring a special treat and we traded them around. I ended up getting a plate of "O Henry!" bars. They were gone before the end of the weekend. Bryce and I used my new mini-donut maker to make mini-donuts for the parties and for our neighbor gifts. It was a day full of donuts but it was fun too. We made Pumpkin with a chocolate ganache, Chocolate Orange, and Gingerbread with a caramel frosting. They were all delicious. Recipes over at What's Cooking?

The Barker party was a lot of fun for us, despite Brayden's teeth coming in... I always enjoy getting to catch up with the family and its fun to see how the family changes over the course of just one year. I am excited for Ashley and hope she figures out that whole schooling business. I know you'll do well, whatever you choose! Then there is the ever favorite talent show. We were party-poopers this year and failed to perform... but rest assured, we enjoyed the other talents. The children's nativity is possibly my favorite part. I love to see how excited the kids are to perform their respective roles. Emma and Alicia were quite serious as they practiced their "wiseman walk" up and down the hallway. :)

Brayden couldn't get enough of the snow around the lights at Temple Square!

Christmas was special for us this year as it was our first Christmas with a child. I was pleased to welcome Santa back into our home! :) He brought us quite the haul as he seemed to visit us in our home and at my parents. We woke Brayden up and groggy as he was, he seemed to know how it all worked. He brightened up to see his new rocking horse, and pulled wrapping paper off boxes like a pro. I'm pretty sure every toy but 1 that he got this year sings and makes noise. It has made for some good times since... :) I got some awesome stuff for the kitchen. I can now make my own homemade pasta and raviolis, soups with my new hand blender, and casseroles in my Rachel Ray casseround. :) Bryce got a remote control helicopter , a new sports watch, White Collar DVDs, and his favorite- Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms. Mom and Dad LeBaron are taking us to Washington DC this May as our gift this year as well. We did pretty well for ourselves. ;)

We spent the morning at church with my parents and ended the day arriving at the LeBaron home to visit for a day or so. We had to come home Tuesday so we could pack to get ready for our trip to Zion's Canyon on Wednesday. A lot of driving. Soo much fun. Mom, Dad, and Ben met us at a cabin just outside the canyon. The cabin was amazing! 2 full-sized bathrooms complete with jetted tubs, fireplaces, a kitchen... very posh. We did a little hiking, Brayden was introduced to buffalo and horses (up close!), and we enjoyed some 60 degree weather. It didn't end so well for my brother and mom... who both caught some sort of 24 hour bug...  But all-in-all we had a very fun time.

Ben: a regular stroller pushin' pro! 

The Narrow's Hike December 29... 

Brayden loves bread... 
 New Years Eve found us in our little house preparing for some friends to come celebrate with us. As it turns out, college towns become ghost towns over the holidays and most of the couples in our ward went out of town with family. We did have one couple, some new friends, stop by and a few of my old friends from high school came too. We played some games and watched the ball drop. We caught up with each other's life (as school keeps us all very busy) and talked about the next year and what was coming up. Bryce and our new friend got to talking about grad school and he told Bryce about his program which sounds like something Bryce could be interested in. We still don't know much about it, but there's an info meeting later this month and we hope to get some answers there. 

Its nice to be home, back into the normal swing of things... with a few exceptions as we are trying our hand at the new year resolutions thing again. :) We did alright last year, but want to implement a few changes to our routine that we think will help the household run smoother our family function a little better. We look forward to another amazing year together, full of adventure, romance, and fun.

Brayden had his final check-up before his 1 year mark. He is officially 10 months old! I can hardly believe it! He is getting so big! He never stops wiggling (even in his sleep he wiggles) and he is getting to be quite the speedy crawler. He is learning to feed himself and he likes to make a mess doing it. He stands pretty well when he is next to something and he knows he is on the verge of some thing big as he teeters on his toes. He is quite responsive when you speak to him now and often babbles back. Oh, and he is currently trying to cut 6 teeth... 4 on top, 2 more on the bottom...

Oh!  It finally snowed down here and with that came out the little snow suit we got for Brayden. We built a snow man and Brayden loved the snow. He kept trying to eat it and he looked so cute in his little suit! :)

cold on those new teeth... 

my little Tigger :)

PS. Special love to my momma for being so willing to help me out when I needed her. I am just sorry it cost her a wrist... :( You're the best mom in the world!! Love you! Feel better!