Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Move or Not to Move?

We were informed a few weeks ago that our landlord is thinking of selling the duplex we live in. It seemed that they had someone already thinking about purchasing, and it was possible that we would need to move. When we got back from Grandma's 90th party on Sunday evening we were sitting in our living room relaxing. We heard a metal-on-metal pounding and I joked, "that's them putting up the 'For Sale' sign." The laugh is on me. There's a sign in our yard. What does that mean for us? We still don't know. But today we have four real estate agents who want to come show our place to potential buyers. They are hoping to have an offer by the end of the week. So, hopefully by July we will know whether we will move or be able to stay... here's to faith that God knows what he's doing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

90 Years for Grandma S.

This is a special year for my family. Both of my Grandmothers are turning 90 years old this year. My Grandma S. actually turned 90 on my birthday (special, right?!) this year. She is an incredible woman. The extended family got together for a reunion-type party at the old family ranch to celebrate this monumental milestone for her. It was fun to see the cousins that I have not seen in at least 5 years. My husband was also able to meet most of them for the first time. Thanks to my aunt and uncle who hosted and organized the event!

I also got to see my brother (who is away for the summer working) again. I miss seeing him as regularly as I am used to. He seems to be doing well and having a great experience waiting at a "resort" near Zion's National Park.

There's something about Kanab that seems to make the stress of life and reality disappear for the weekend visit. The small town pace is slower and nice to experience every once in a while. My brother also treated my husband and I to Disney Pixar's Brave. (yes, opening weekend for $5 per ticket) We enjoyed the movie, but almost as exciting was the wall of family pictures in the theater's lobby.

The local theater is built where my great-grandma's house used to be. In fact, they used the bricks from the old house on the outside of the theater, and the window frames from the house are throughout the theater. The one wall has pictures of my great-grandma and great-grandpa and their children (yes, my 90-year-old grandma as a little girl). We also found a book with their personal histories in it. So naturally, we asked the managers (and hope to get a hold of the owner) to possibly get a copy of the text to compare with the ones that we have already.

Awe, the giant bear at Denny's Wigwam

New teeth = fun to eat corn on the cob

The well water was COLD, but these boys didn't seem to mind...

Our first "happy meal"
It was an exhausting weekend.

Happy Birthday to you, Grandma!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have been incredibly blessed to belong to a family with such an incredible father. He has taught me so much over the years it is hard to put to words just how much I love and adore him. Nevertheless, I shall do my best.

Daddy taught me important things like how to play baseball, that lying is wrong, that I should always respect and love my mother as much as he does, and to respect the classics like Pink Floyd, the Beatles, etc. He helped me to understand that I am an individual who is capable of doing difficult things, he encouraged me to shoot for the stars, and supported me in my hobbies and interests as I grew and developed. He taught me how to laugh at life and not take anything too seriously. He patiently helped me through my math books, corrected English assignments, and expected academic excellence.

Dad has a sense of humor and I love that about him. My very first date was to Prom. I'll never forget the sight of him sitting on the couch, with a rifle perched by his foot, falling asleep while he waited for my date to arrive. He told me I looked beautiful. That always meant a lot to me.

He has always been there to answer my questions, to comfort me, and to provide the power of the priesthood when I have needed it. I am grateful to have had a father that lived his beliefs and showed us by example how to live a life righteously.

Thanks Dad, for all the night-time songs, for all the dances, for all the laughs. Thanks for the road trips, the campfires, and the walks to the creek and back. Thanks for your love, your kindness, your wisdom, and your testimony. I love you will all my heart! You are the best Daddy in the world!

Friday, June 8, 2012

This is Me.

This is a journal of my life and all the things that matter most to me. Its a place where I write- about the recipes I've tried, the books I've read, the people I love, and the things I believe.

I believe in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe in eternal families and in loving your neighbor. I believe in celebrations- the big and the small. I believe in adventure, romance, laughter, traditions, and imagination. I wish to enjoy the little things that make up this journey called life.

My name is Jessica. My friends call me Jess. My dad calls me Jay. I am a writer, a dreamer, a lover. I am a mother, a wife, a homemaker. I love to learn, to travel, to cook, and to laugh. I enjoy entertaining and creating. I love a good story, and this is mine.