Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015. Thrive!

Its the same story every year. Christmas season begins and I never have a moment to sit. Then it ends with a loooong list of "resolutions"... basically I call out all of my shortcomings and weaknesses and promise myself that I am going to do and be better on every one of them... its a long list. And despite the fact that I know that we are supposed to only focus on one goal at a time (to cut down the overwhelming feeling you get when your list is too long... and to up your chances for success...) I still write a list about a mile long.

Now its the end of January. How am I doing you ask? Well, lets just say that its a good thing no one knows just how long my list actually is... so according to the public, I am doing great! But between you and me, January is a difficult month for me. Always. Every year. Its the longest month of the year.

This particular January is less miserable because of the un-winter we are having here in Utah. No snow, except for the stuff that came on Christmas (thanks Santa!). Its not even that blisteringly cold! So I am already for spring to arrive. But that is a total side story... usually January is the worst month of the year. 

My list always includes: 
  • Be a better (read: more fun, more attentive, happier, cooler.... insert other desirable adjectives here) mother/ wife/ friend. etc. 
  • Be better in my financial life
  • Lose weight
  • Clean the house
  • Be healthy
  • etc, etc, etc... blah, blah, blah...

New year resolutions. What a funny thing. Yet I participate in this particular tradition every year. I secretly love the new year because of the "clean slate" sort of feeling that I talk myself into every January the 1st. I'm a planner, a goal setter, and a dreamer. I'm quite comfortable in the planning stages of any project. I'm also a perfectionist, so I tend to find myself stuck in this phase because I don't want to screw it up and not get the outcome that I tend to dream about... (this is a problem I'm working on)

This year is different. Not that my list is any shorter than it has been in past years (I promise, its not)... No, this year I have an umbrella goal. Its a goal that covers all the others. I hope that this theory will mean I end up with a small feeling of accomplishment, rather than total failure... 

My mantra for 2015 is: I don't want to just Survive... Now is the time to THRIVE. 

What does that mean? It means I finally tackle the projects that I have set aside for "later." It means I attack the clutter strewn around the house and release it into the world by any means necessary (yes, there is a yard sale in our future). It means a quick kick in the behind for our financial planning sessions, a budget that we stick to, and the use of my new favorite word. "NO" wow. what a freeing word. Its seems silly, but those two letters mean I can finally have time to achieve things on my personal bucket list.

So here's to 2015! The year I get to thrive! Who's with me?!

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